Rimac Concept One beats Bugatti Veyron?

Rimac Automobili founder Mate Rimac recently had a chance to test drive the world’s fastest car, Bugatti Veyron. Guess what? The all electric Rimac Concept_One seems to outperform the sports car giant on most roads. 

Mate Rimac recently issued an invitation to England’s Earl of Pembroke to drive the Concept_One ‘head-to-head’ against his own Bugatti Veyron in a battle down the Croatian coast. To make the battle more interesting, Rimac asked the Lord Pembroke to try out the Concept_One car, while the Rimac founder drove the Bugatti Veyron.


In the first episode of the video series, the drag battle between the two hyper cars is shown. To Lord Pembroke’s surprise, the completely electric powered car seems to beat the quad turbo beast on most roads in the Croatia road-track.

Check out the first video here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCBxNWDvx8k

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