The Beginning After The End: What You Need to Know

“The Beginning After The End,” popularly known as TBATE, is a high fantasy web comic and web novel that has taken the digital world by storm. Created by Brandon Lee, who writes under the pen name TurtleMe, the series was initially launched as a web novel in early 2017. Its immense success led to a comic adaptation in July 2018, illustrated by Duta Permana, who is better known by the pen name Fuyuki23.

The Numbers Speak Volumes

The web comic version of TBATE has garnered a staggering 27 million views on Tapas, while the novel version isn’t far behind with 21.9 million views. These numbers don’t even account for the millions of additional views on other platforms. With such a massive following, it’s only natural to wonder if an anime adaptation is on the horizon.

Release Speculations: Anime Adaptation

As of now, there’s no official word on an anime adaptation for TBATE. Despite the web novel and comic’s stellar reputation and massive following, neither the original creators nor any potential studios have made any announcements regarding an anime version.

The Intriguing Plot

TBATE revolves around King Grey, or rather, his reincarnation as Arthur Leywin. After finding himself in a new body and on a new continent called Dicathen, Arthur suspects he was assassinated in his previous life. Determined to live a life filled with love and support from friends and family, Arthur sets out on a new path. However, achieving this newfound peace may not be as straightforward as he hopes, hinting at a deeper reason for his reincarnation.

Potential Studios for Adaptation

While there’s no confirmed news about which studio could take on the task of adapting TBATE into an anime, the speculation is rife.

Where to Catch TBATE

For those eager to dive into the TBATE universe, the web novel and comic are readily available on Tapas and Amazon Kindle. On Tapas, the novel is part of the “Wait for Free” series, meaning you can read the next chapter after a 24-hour wait. The first volume and the initial 30 chapters of the webcomic are available for free, offering a great starting point for new readers.

  • Read on Tapas: Wait for Free series for the novel
  • Read on Amazon Kindle: No waiting times
  • Physical Copies: Available from Amazon, Yen Press, and Barnes and Noble

So, while we may not have an anime adaptation just yet, TBATE continues to captivate audiences worldwide with its compelling narrative and intricate world-building.

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