GoPro Hero5 Black vs Yi 4K – Which Action Camera Fits You Best?

For the past couple of years, the GoPro has become the default option in the search for an action camera. However, competition began to emerge and adventurous buyers are now faced with the challenge of choosing the most appropriate device for their needs, from a multitude of competitive brands. Among the extremely appreciated products belonging to this category is the Xiaomi YI 4K action camera.

While both products feature exceptional options and functions, an informed decision requires an in-depth analysis of what each has to offer, in order to make a choice that best fits your needs. Confused about what you should look at? Don’t worry, we’ve come to the rescue! Check out the below specification comparison for the GoPro Hero5 Black and the Xiaomi YI 4k and take your pick!

Product Name GoPro Hero5, Black Xiaomi YI, 4K
Price: $399 Go to Amazon $199 Go to Amazon
Release date October 2nd, 2016 July 29th, 2016
Weight 117g 96.4g (very light weight)
Battery 1220mAh (lasts 1h40m for recording at 4K/30 fps) 1400mAh (lasts around 2 hours for recording at 4K/30fps)
Dimensions 62×44.6×32.7mm 42×65×21mm
Image resolution Approx. 12MP Approx. 12MP
Video resolution Up to 4k/30fps (very clear image) 4k/30fps (very good resolution)
Display 2″ touch screen 2.19″ retina type touch screen
Shooting mode Auto Low Light, Burst, Night Lapse and Night Photo Auto Low Light, Loop Recording, Shutter, Time Lapse Photo, Timer and Burst
Waterproof 60m (with housing), 10 meters (without housing) No
Other features Bluetooth and WiFi Bluetooth and WiFi
Voice control Live streaming
Automatic low light detection Automatic low light detection
Electronic Image Stabilization Electronic Image Stabilization
GPS Automatic lens distortion correction
App editing App Editing


As far as the hardware is concerned, the GoPro Hero5 Black and the Xiaomi YI 4K come with similarities, but also with significant differences.

Both devices have a touch screen, but the YI 4K reportedly has a better response time than the GoPro Hero5 Black, perhaps due to a slightly bigger screen size of the YI 4K (2.19”, compared to the 2” Hero5). While the YI 4K is considered to be more interactive, the display of the Hero5 is known to cause some issues, occasionally becoming less responsive when its surface is wet. However, the LCD display of the Hero5 provides a wider range of settings, making the device easier to use.

A very important feature that could help tip the scale in favor of the GoPro is that the Hero5 is waterproof, while the Xiaomi YI 4K requires additional accessories to make it water resistant. However, even if the latter is equipped appropriately for underwater use, its level of functionality decreases significantly, with the touch screen becoming completely unusable.   

One aspect where the Xiaomi YI 4K gains an advantage is the battery life. Even if the two devices are fitted with removable batteries, the YI 4K boasts a 1400 mAh battery, allowing a recording time of up to 2h, while the Hero 5 Black has a smaller, 1220 mAh battery, which last approximately 1h40m. However, if you want your battery to last longer, consider using the devices without a WiFi connection.

To address the performance of the two devices, in terms of resolution there is no difference between the Hero5 and the YI 4K, as they both take 12MP photos and have the image stabilization option included. The only difference, at this point, is that the image quality with the YI 4K is softer and smoother, while the GoPro provides more rough results.

Another performance-related aspect is the video resolution, which is another important feature to take into consideration when purchasing an action camera. While both cameras are able to record 4K at 30fps, lower resolutions can be reached at different frequencies.

As far as the audio recording is concerned, there is no debate that the Xiaomi YI 4K doesn’t rise up to the standard of the GoPro Hero5 Black, with the latter being by far more qualitative in terms of noise reduction and the overall audio technology.

Last, but not least, one of the decisive factors in purchasing one of the two devices is represented by the financial aspect. At this chapter, the Yi 4K is at the top of the affordable leaderboard, with an online price of approximately $200 and a rather decent list of features. On the other side, at $400, the GoPro Hero5 does bring along some extra advantages, the lack of which could represent a deal breaker for the adventurous customer.

To sum up, while both devices offer a wide range of expected and desirable features for an action camera, the choice comes down to deciding whether you want a cheaper, but well-built device to capture your adventures into memories, or a more expensive piece of technology, with increased functionality and usability. 

HTC Vive Pro in Mirror with HTC Vive – What You See is What You Get?!

At CES 2018 in Las Vegas, HTC launched the new model HTC Vive Pro.

Way above his foregoer, HTC Vive, this new version is promising a couple of technology development

keypoint in matter of camera and display resolution and also in the audio hearing area.

Down below we are going to find exactly if the new model HTC Vive Pro is a stage above his old version brand brother.

Let’s find out together.

Visual character of HTC Vive Pro

The main point that will capture your attention when looking at the new HTC Vive Pro will be the double surface camera, and the change of colour, from black to electric blue on this new version.

We can’t say that this new model is remaking everything, but we can say for sure, that it was made to bring a plus from every minus that his predecessor had in a matter of user usability.

You can see exactly the same contemporary dots design that include the sensors, which are the virtual reality creators.

In a matter of more comfort for using it, the HTC Vive Pro is offering in the package, what the HTC Vive had like an optional adding to it. The new headset secure strap includes high more comfortable three ways adjustable and secure velcro system, that can be adjusted for the back part in plus.  

The changes came on with the new HTC Vive Pro in a matter of lightweight and functional design. That means that wearing and using it, will be a real pleasure when playing with it.

The most important highlights of the new HTC Vive PRO against the old HTC Vive is the advanced dual existing cameras, that will act like your own vision. They are developed the became an extension of your view, and this will make your game ambiance more friendly and real.   

Discussing numbers – increased resolution in HTC Vive Pro

How does it looks 615ppi and 78% increase in resolution?

The dual-oled display can have 28801600, that stands for 14001600 for one eye, and the HTC Vive had just 1080*1200.

Offering this kind of change, the improvement made is huge. The accuracy in being in a game will be well noticed and also the captivation that the whole gaming environment using it.

Another plus can be considered the fact that HTC Vive Pro is not ensuring a 4K resolution. That means that the product can be available for a lot more gamers that don’t have for now really expensive game means.

Sound Like of HTC Vive Pro

The upgrade was made in regarding the audio high-end quality. Comparing with the fact that for the HTC Vive you needed to use your own headsets connected by a 3.5mm jack, the HTC Vive Pro features built-in ones.

I don’t think that is any need to say that this style upgrade means that no more cables will be involved in the gaming captivation. 

The HTC Vive Pro incorporates elite earphones with an implicit speaker that conveys a prevalent sound ordeal including an “increased feeling of quality” and better dimensional sound.

HTC Vive Pro additionally features double implicit amplifiers with dynamic clamor cancellation for an excellent dialogue when gaming on a community platform.

It is easy-peasy to use

The HTC Vive Pro works perfectly with the actual HTC Vive gaming station.

That just means hypothetically that you can easily purchase the new device and it will work fine with the already owned base gaming station. That is because features the official remote connector of HTC.

The playspace of the game will be extended to 10*10 meters.

HTC Vive Pro – Exactly what’s new?!

HTC Vive Pro features a well appreciated change in the virtual experience encounter already in HTC. The new gadget comes with a huge string of satisfaction for the users comparing the old model. But the main upgrades were made redesigning the visual resolution and the key sound improvements.

The visual experience will be well immersed in an entirely new amazing environment which was already quite amazing till now.

The New HTC Vive Pro will be available for purchase this year, but for now, no prices were announced.

ConnectWise Control – Efficient Remote Support Software

ConnectWise Control is an efficient remote support, access and meeting system that is created for modern tech assistance teams. Check out the most impressive features that are included in ConnectWise Control:

  • This solution allows technicians to make work more productive by using remote control access in order to repair computers.
  • It can also be used to provide updates and manage machines.
  • Using ConnectWise Control, you will also be able to conduct online seminars and prepare all kinds of presentations for remote meetings.
  • This is a fast, reliable and hassle-free service.
  • This service is able to provide fantastic customer support, and it ensures flawless communication between technicians and agents as well.
  • This tool has a really customizable nature, and it allows you to bring your own brand to the center of attention.
  • You will be able to change anything from icons and logos to the language that is integrated into your website.
  • ConnectWise Control is designed for larger teams rather than individuals.
  • The massive variety of collaboration assets will make it easier for agents to assist each other and exchange files, opinions and tasks.

Just recently, the company introduced a new and revamped version of this system and this way it managed to please users with enhanced service control. Security has also been enhanced in more ways, and the intuitive UI was updated as well. To check out more features and new functionalities of ConnectWise Control, head to their official website and give the free trial a look as well.

How To Enable Camera NX for Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X and Pixel XL

Every year brings new requirements on behalf of technology buyers. A couple of years ago they wanted bigger screens on smartphones, then bigger batteries and nowadays better cameras.

Camera features are important criteria for smartphone buyers

Lately, there are many smartphone reviews posted on YouTube and the number of views suggests that smartphone buyers are interested in camera potential and features for a future purchase. Google has been paying attention to what consumers want and has decided to create Google Camera. Unfortunately, Google Camera is for newer Google smartphones and a developer decided to create a similar app for Pixel XL, Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X.

Learn how to enable it on your Google smartphone

According to publication, the apps’ developer released the app and it is quite simple to download and use. The latest published version is 7.3 and it is based on Pixel 2’s Google Camera 5.1.016.

After downloading the app, users will realize the interface is similar to Google Camera. The portrait mode is added to the menu.

Camera NX lacking compared to Google Camera?

Although the app was created following the same interface as Google Camera, it still lacks in some aspects. For example portrait mode works only when the camera detects a human face. Google Camera’s portrait mode works for most objects.

However, it is most likely that the developer of Camera NX will address the issue and better the portrait mode.

Other features included in Camera NX to make it a parallel app with Google Camera are retouching of the face and motion photos.

Google Camera is an app developed by the American tech giant and it is supported by Android 4.4 OS and higher. The app was released on Play Store back in 2014.

Nokia 3310 Will Also Have a Version with 4G Internet Access

It is unclear on what the 4G connectivity can be used for a feature-phone capable of running only small versions of applications, but the global HMD manufacturer believes the Nokia 3310’s 3G version is not enough for 2018.

Inspired by the legendary Nokia 3310 launched in 2000, the successor adapted to modern technologies retains only a vague resemblance to the original design, offering in turn endowments such as color screen and 3G connectivity, unthinkable 17 years ago. Sufficiently well sold to justify a refresh in 2018, the Nokia 3310 is about to receive 4G connectivity, facilitating faster music downloads and access to all types of mobile networks currently in use.

The Nokia 3310 4G is also turning to a new operating system – YunOS, which according to the rumors would be compatible with some Android applications.

The price and date of launch were not revealed, but we can expect the new Nokia 3310 4G to make its debut at the latest in the spring of 2018, at a price comparable to the previous year’s model – about $60.