About Us

Droidhere is a publication focused on researching tech news and stories. Our media covers news on various fields of technology including smartphones, computers, electric vehicles, drones, software applications and many others. 

We believe it is crucial to know how technology influences our daily lives and how it would shape our future. For this, keeping pace with the latest news on technological developments is a necessity. 

So, we take it as our responsibility to feed you with all the latest happenings in the tech industry!

Our Team

El Costea

Ernest has a heavy interest in technology, growing up with 8-bit computers and all along tech problems has fed into an addiction to everything that beeps. Android and iOS platforms are his passions.

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Abhin Mahipal

Abhin’s love for all things tech started when he got his first smartphone, Galaxy S (the first), in 2010. Since then, he has been crazy about technology and tried out all major Android flagships before converting to an iPhone last year. 

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