Minecraft 1.15 Update: New Bees Are Now Rideable

Minecraft enthusiasts have been getting tons of good news lately. For instance, it was just recently reported that Nvidia just revealed Minecraft new block building with a brand new trailer that came out just recently.

Minecraft with RTX

IGN notes that this trailer shows the before and after-effects of the Nvidia raytracing features.

Also, there are a few thoughts on this update by the Minecraft’s development team.

In the trailer, there are various locales that get the RTX treatment on Windows 10 and these include “vibrant homes, glistening lakes, darkened tunnels full of glowing lava, and expansive caves with light filtering in from cracks above.”

Minecraft 1.15 update – New bees are rideable thanks to a modder

Now, more news regarding Minecraft is on the way to gamers.

Minecraft received bees thanks to the 1.15 update, and there’s already a modded which made these rideable.

PCGamer reveals that SethBling explained in a video that you could check out below that with the help of his datapack, players have the ability to craft saddles which can be placed on the bees.

More than that, they can create flowers on sticks to lead them around all over the place. The saddled bees have a dash move now as well.

How this works 

The online publication notes that the way in which this works is interesting:

“With the datapack installed, any bee you look at has an invisible pig overlaid on it. It’s actually the pig you’re saddling and riding, which means that Minecraft now has flying pigs.”

The online publication mentioned above also notes that the flower on a stick is basically a reskinned poppy which as you may know by now, the bees are programmed to be attracted to even when they are not saddled. If you’re holding a flower, the bees will follow you.

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