Free Netflix Downloader App on Windows 10, you can download any Netflix Show for Free

The new Windows 10 app, named “Free Netflix Downloader” does exactly as it sounds. You can now download any Netfix shows, be it movies or series, absolutely free using this free app. 


Who cares about the offline feature in the Netflix app, when you can download anything and everything from it for free. After logging onto Netflix, just copy the URL of your favorite movie / TV show and paste it in the app to start downloading.

Free Netflix Downloader also boasts a tool to convert a video into other formats. You can convert videos into AVI, MP3, or even to a lightweight version to play on your iPhone / iPad. It also supports simultaneous downloads.

Is it illegal? Definitely, it is as illegal as grabbing copyrighted content via a torrent software.

The tool is absolutely free and you can check out the app at DVDVideoSoft’s official website. As always, those who are interested should proceed at your own risk.

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