Faraday Future Prototype can easily beat Tesla’s Model S

Faraday   Future   has   come   up   with   a   new   video   featuring   one   of   its   prototype   cars   against   Tesla’s   flagship   car,  Model  S  P100D.  The   prototype   monster   from   Faraday   Future   can   go   0-60   MPH   in   an   astounding   2.5   seconds,  easily   beating   Tesla  Model  S   in   a   drag   race. 


If   the   video   is   to   be   believed,  the   company   has   done   a   good   job   with   their   powertrain   technology.   The   prototype   car   showcased   in   the   video   is   a   luxurious   electric   SUV. 



This   record   of   course   may   not   stay   too   long,  as   Tesla   had   already   announced   their   plans   to   boost   Model  S’   0-60   time   to   just   2.4   seconds   via   a   software   update. 

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