Reliance Jio sim sold illegally for 1000 bucks

Reliance Jireliance_jio_green_logo_smallo has definitely taken the country by storm with thousands of citizens queuing in front of Reliance Digital stores to avail their Sim card. With free data, calls, sms for the first three months and unbelievable introductory offers, Reliance Jio is just too hard to resist. These impressive offers are very likely to drag in 25 Million subscribers to the newbie telecom company by March 2017.





With customers increasing day by day, Reliance stores have run out of application forms to welcome new users, which has resulted in illegal vendors selling the Jio sim at a huge price. In Kerala, you can get a sim from these illegal vendors for couple of hundred bucks. A brand new sim that can be availed for free from Reliance official stores, is now being sold for 100-1000 rupees by these illegal vendors. Many of those people who bought the sim from these illegal vendors, also reported that their sim has not been activated even after two weeks of purchase.

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