Fix “Ghost Touch” Problems On Android Smartphones

Many of us smartphone users have encountered the “ghost touch” problems with Android smartphones, and in some cases, it can be so annoying that we want to do something about it, right? This article will lead you through the fixes there are currently on the internet that can fix it once and for all.

What Are The Ghost Touch Problems?

This type of issue has been reported on many Android or iPhone devices and what it actually does is that it accesses or opens apps on your phone without you actually touching the screen or when an area of the screen is not responding to your touches. It can go both ways.

What these “ghost touche” problems do to your handset vary from device to device and from the looks of it, some smartphones are more affected by it than others.

A plausible example would be the Moto G4 Plus that reported a few problems regarding ghost touch issues. The same case was with some older OnePlus devices too. Even with the new OnePlus 7 Pro where it has a curved screen on the edges, and that might have led to these touch issues, but the dev team quickly released a fix for that, so that’s a plus for the company in the customer support department.

What Causes It?

You might be leaning to believe the software would cause it, but that’s not true at all. The more serious issues were with the positioning of the display in the chassis of the phone. If you have a habit of disassembling devices with special tools, you can try fixing it yourself at your own risk.

The dirt or water particles can be housed under your screen protector, and that might be another possible cause for this particular issue. The fixes do not offer any specifics regarding the reasons that might induce this issue upon your device, so you’ll have to trial and error these fixes and see which one did the trick for you.

Fix “Ghost Touch” Problems On Android Smartphones

The simplest way of seeing why the ghost touch is affecting your device can be done by removing your screen protector and see if there’s any dirt on the surface that sticks to the proper display. This can be the easiest way of fixing it; just hope it’s not something more severe.

Returning Your Device

If you see problems right off the bat when you bought your handset, then its best to give it back to the manufacturer and get a new one. A simple solution, indeed, yet it can take months or weeks to swap it unless you are going straight to a local store and hand it over for a new one. If you don’t have any warranty or it had expired, you’ll have to pay money for replacements.

An Unusual Possible Fix

The method that I’m about to walk you through is a bit more uncommon, and yes, it can be almost free. This method has been shown on a YouTube video using a lighter. You read that right, using this lighter can fix your dead zones on your display and might eliminate the ghost touch issues too.

This video will show you how to disassemble a lighter, only to use the piezoelectric igniter, which you’re going to use to spark the flame. Once you get the igniter, point it against the screen in the are with the problems and click it a few times. It’s simple, yes, but it can harm the integrity of your device. Some users on the comment section validated this method, but I wouldn’t count on them because you can’t verify their claims.

If you want to use this method, then do it at your own expense, as its not a certified method and not a safe one either to fix “ghost touch” problems on Android smartphones.

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