iOS vs. Android in 2017 – What’s Going One So Far?

Although the new iOS 11 will come with new and interesting features on both iPhone and iPad, Apple made it clear that will be more concentrated on the tablets. It is even said that this iOS is the most important one in the history of iPads. Unfortunately, Google’s Android has all it takes to beat Apple at its tablet game, they just have to make some improvements in some areas. Here are some things that Google can improve.

Floating windows

In is tragic that Android for a very long time has the ability to have split screen apps and floating windows but Google never considered of much importance to standardize it until iOS 9 come with this idea. A big plus is that Android has the feature to have floating windows, one that iOS will never have.

That feature already came with Android 7.0 Nougat, but other OEM’s and ROMs have already been implementing this for years. The rumors are that this feature will be implemented in Android O.

Pass the message around

In these tumultuous times, more and more people have more than one device on them, sometimes two phones or one phone and one tablet. And it is not uncommon for the users to switch between them very fast. Unfortunately, your content and activities won’t change as fast.

Handoff and Continuity were introduced by Apple since iOS 8. Samsung just released its Samsung Flow and Microsoft also introduce it a similar feature using Cortana. Android again remained behind at this step and at the hand of third party apps like Pushbullet, which consists more of sending pieces of data rather that make a flawless transition from one device to another. Such a feature will be definitely handy now that Chrome OS has Android app support.

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