Netflix vs. Hulu – Best Movies and TV Shows in 2019

Streaming content on the internet. That is what people are doing now and many have wanted this for a long time. To watch their favorite movies and TV shows on-demand, with no interruptions. Cable TV is still hanging around but if the networks will not move to the online domain, they will have a grim future ahead of them.

The internet streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu are good but they are not optimal by any means. As each of the services has something different and even combining the two will not get you everything that is out there. So, the trick is to pick and choose your favorite content and see who has most of it.

Netflix Analysis

Netflix has the largest library of content on the planet right now. The company invests billions every year for streaming rights and personal productions. A massive 139 million accounts have been recently recorded on the platform.

Netflix is famous for its unique productions. Some of these have been bought from failing networks because they were fan favorites. Others have been specially commissioned by Netflix or produced with unique ideas coming from company officials.

There are probably over a dozen hit show from Netflix but the many Marvel series stand out due to the success of the company with its cinematic productions.

Netflix does have drawbacks, however. Many shows come to the streaming service quite late, with a 3 to 6 month average wait time from the network debut. Netflix does have a lot of shows but it gets them late. If you opt for Netflix, regular TV broadcasts will not be accessible to you, as the company focuses on binge-watching unique shows.

Hulu Analysis

Hulu has a great many shows and movies in its own right. But it does not come close to Netflix. However, the company has a different business plan. It could be described as cable TV on demand, on the internet.

This streaming service has close ties to US networks and streams TV shows earlier, as well as other types of content like sporting events. Its ties to WWE for example, gives the user dozens of hours of content per month, every month of the year.

Hulu has 25 million subscribers at present and it is growing by an impressive rate. As the number of subs was 17 million in early 2018. The service benefits a lot by its sporting event broadcasts and collaboration with Game of Thrones that brought in a lot of revenue.

More of the same will probably benefit Hulu in the long run, as its diversity makes it stand out. Investing in some unique productions like Netflix is a gamble but it could pay off big.

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