iPad Pro Vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 6 – Which Is Better?

Apple is making some changes when it comes to its iPad tablets. The company is planning to transform the iPad into a laptop from now on. The first official sign of this switch was at WWDC 2019 when the company announced the new iPadOS. This new operating system will be dedicated to the iPad, and it will be more productive than it was before. In this article, we’ll compare iPad Pro with Microsoft Surface Pro 6 to see which is better.

The new iPad OS will cover a lot of models such as the iPad Mini, the iPad Air, the 2018 iPad, all the iPad Pros, the 2017 iPad, and the iPad Mini 4.  However, the new operating system will come with a feature that supports a Bluetooth mouse.

This may be a huge step for Apple, and for the transformation, the company is trying to do with their iPads into laptops. But on the other side, we have Surface Pro 6 from Microsoft as an alternative. For this reason, we are making a comparison between the two, and maybe it will suit you right if you want to choose from one of them.

Apple iPad Pro Vs. Microsoft Surface 6 Pro – Operating System

The first thing we should talk about is the operating system. The great news of having a new operating system on the iPad remains. The idea of having an iPad as a Mac is still high, but even so, it will not compare to the Surface Pro 6 from Microsoft. The problem for users is that even with the iPadOS, the iPad will be limited, corresponding to the Surface Pro who is working with a full Windows 10, and you will have the unlimited features just like on PC.

The second feature we should consider is multitasking. This one is tricky because you know from the desktop use, that with a Windows as an operating system you can do multitasking. This means that on the Surface Pro 6 you can have a lot of apps open, you can switch between them, you drag and drop, you can do everything you want. On the other hand, Apple had tried to improve the multitasking on its iPadOS.

And thanks to the iOS 11 and iOS 12, things have gone better a little. You have the Files app that is helping you to drag and drop, access your files, images, etc. You think that when the new operating system comes, your limitations will be over, not entirely. Of course, you will do some stuff with it such as connecting external drives, copying and saving files, but the multitasking is limited to two apps if you don’t use the Slide over that will permit three apps opened.

Apple iPad Pro Vs. Microsoft Surface 6 Pro – Tech Specs and Prices

Moving on to other essential features for the two devices, we include in our discussion the accessories that are important for users, such as keyboards and pens. Unfortunately, the iPad Pro does not include keyboards and stylus, even if they are on top of the accessories. For example, you can buy a keyboard for the iPad with 12.9 inches at $199. Also, Apple isn’t supporting a mouse or touchpad input, so as we mentioned above, this will change a bit thanks to the Bluetooth support, or you can opt for the Apple’s pencil for $129. Regarding the Surface Pro 6, the keyboard is built-in, and it’s much better that way, and you also have a touchpad.

Drawing to a close, we are asking what is more important, the speed of the device, or the battery life? Looking to the Surface Pro 6, you will have an Intel Core i7 processor, with the UHD Graphics 620 from Intel, which combines with a 16GB of RAM and 1TB storage, and a price between $799 and $2.299. If it’s too expensive, you can choose the Intel Core i5 for $1.199 and 256 GB of storage.

Apple iPad Pro Vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 6 – Conclusions

The iPad Pro has two versions with two screen sizes, such as the 11 inches model at $799, and the 12.9 inches that start at $999. The trick with the iPad is that it doesn’t matter which version you choose the performance is the same. But you have an A12X Fusion chip that can handle intensive task, so don’t worry.

Regarding the battery, the tests are showing that the iPad can hang in there for 13 hours and 16 minutes, while the Surface Pro 6 can resist only 11 hours and 11 minutes.

We conclude that Microsoft Surface Pro 6 beats the iPad Pro from Apple, and it can give you the feeling of a laptop.

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