Xiaomi releases MIUI update to Redmi Note 3

After releasing the beta version, Xiaomi is now seeding the MIUI with Android 6.0 Marshmallow OTA update to the Redmi Note 3 devices. The update which is 1.3GB in size, comes with various optimizations and bug fixes.



The update brings in the following features/optimizations/fixes :


  • Three fingered swipe for taking screenshots
  • The app order in quick sharing is dynamically sorted by usage frequency



  • Set your Lock Screen wallpaper as the conversation background



  • Optimization – opening contacts in Messaging


Lock Screen, Status Bar and Notification Bar

  • Optimization – Saved network aren’t shown in the network list
  • Optimization – LED notification turned off by default in permissions
  • Optimization – Tap the date in the status bar to open Calendar
  • Optimization – Swipe down for toggles, rearrange toggles
  • Fix – Holding a notification didn’t give any results
  • Fix – Notification shade issues in Second space
  • Fix – Status bar wasn’t working properly with third party themes in some cases
  • Fix – Issues with volume level notification in Second space when using earphones
  • Fix – Weather widget issues


Home Screen

  • Optimization – Changing wallpaper in editing mode
  • Optimization – Hold the empty spot on the Home screen to enter the editing mode
  • Optimization – Exit recents automatically to take a call
  • Fix – Issues with icons after reflashing the device
  • Fix – FC issues in hidden notes
  • Fix – Device didn’t respond after updating and rebooting
  • Fix – FC issues when switching between themes
  • Fix – Messaging app icon wasn’t marked when messages were received in Second space
  • Fix – Time flashed in status bar when pressing Home button
  • Fix – Time wasn’t shown in status bar in some cases



  • New – Three-fingered swipe for screenshots
  • New – Slide down to exit fullscreen preview
  • New – Turn off screenshot sound in screenshot settings
  • New – The app order in quick sharing is dynamically sorted by usage frequency



  • New – Introducing Privacy protection password


Permission Manager

  • New – Added permissions for Lock screen and background notifications



  • New – Delete synced recordings from the device keeping them in the cloud
  • Clock / Calculator
  • New – C button clears current calculation, AC clears all history
  • New – Automatic font size adjustments for the numbers you enter
  • New – Long press the numbers to convert them to the Chinese financial characters
  • Optimization – Colored backgrounds for Alarm


Quick Ball

  • New – Swipe to the edge of the screen to hide Quick ball

That’s it about the updates. If you own a Redmi Note 3, update your phone and check out the new features and fixes for yourself!

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