Update for OnePlus 2 to support VoLTE ( Reliance Jio Effect )

Ononeplus2-ogePlus has just announced in their forum that their ex-flagship Smartphone, OnePlus 2 devices will soon receive an update to enable VoLTE support. The update is expected to be released next quarter. This is to make their “2016 Flagship Killer” support the services of the new telecom operator, Reliance Jio which is offering free unlimited data and calls to its users for the next 3 months.

Many angry OnePlus 2 users stormed the OnePlus forums when they came to know that their favourite phone does not support Jio services. OnePlus then addressed this issue and promised the update to enable VoLTE support for OnePlus 2 devices. The company is expected to roll out similar updates for OnePlus X and OnePlus One later this year.

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