Google is integrating an earthquake alert system into Android

Google now has an earthquake detector. This feature will be implemented on the Android operating system, without the need to activate or deactivate it. Virtually every smartphone will operate as a seismometer, and when multiple devices report similar data simultaneously, the system can automatically send a warning in that area to smartphone users. Currently, this system will debut in the United States.

The Google system will use Android phones to detect when an earthquake occurs

Google announces that the new earthquake detection and alert feature will use sensors on Android devices to detect the initial wave of an earthquake. This will allow people in the vicinity to be disturbed, who could receive the alert a few seconds or minutes before the high-intensity wave hits, thus being able to protect themselves.

The company also collaborated with the USGS (United States Geological Survey) and the California government to send alerts on Android devices using the ShakeAlert system, which monitors 700 seismometers on the surface of this state. But now, with the help of mobile phones, this system can be activated anywhere in the world forming the largest network of seismometers in the world. Also in California, this system will be activated for the first time, and then it will be extended to other areas of the USA.

Most likely, depending on the legislation in force in other countries, this system will be able to be activated anywhere in the world. This data will also be used to provide relevant search results near earthquakes. For example, it will be possible to provide quick and accurate information on searches such as “earthquake” or “earthquake in city X”.

A similar function was offered by the MyShake application, which used mobile devices to provide information and alerts about earthquakes. However, it had to be installed on each individual device and provided alerts only to its users. The Google system is available to all Android users.

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