Your Favourite Cyanogen Mod OS will be dead soon

Things    didn’t    turn    out    to    be    so    great    for    the    Cyanogen    Team    lately,    and    today    the    company    announced    some    more    bad    news.


They’re    Shutting    Down. 

Cyanogen   today   revealed    that   all   their   services   and    nightly   builds   will   be   discontinued   by   December   31st.   This   means   that   there   will   no   more   support,   updates   and   bug   fixes   for   the   phones   running   on   the   OS.

However,   the   open   source   project   and   source   code   will   still   be   available,   so   anyone   who    wants   to   build   Cyanoden Mod   themselves   will   be able   to   do   so.       

Starting   their   journey   from   the   OnePlus   One,   and   then   powering   many   other   ZUK   and   Wileyfox   devices,   Cyanogen   Mod   OS   is   regarded   as   the   most   flexible   UI,   featuring   wide varieties   of   customisations   and   personalisation   toggles.

Cyanogen   is   looking   forward   on   Modular   OS   Program,   in   which   it’ll   work   with   device   manufacturers   to   build   UI   for   their   modular   smartphones.    

RIP   CM,   you   will   never   be   forgotten!

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