Kodak back in market with its new camera centric smartphone


Kodak is attempting to woo photography enthusiasts with its latest smartphone that draws inspiration from its 1940s Ektra camera and packs a powerful shooter.

Ektra is the second phone from Kodak after the launch in 2015; IM5 combines the design of a smartphone and a traditional camera with a curved bottom which mimics a camera grip, also with leather back and a dedicated shutter button on the side.

Kodak, known for its history of making one of the finest cameras has made non exceptions here with a 21 MP rear facing camera and a 13 MP front facing camera with phase detection AF and an aperture of f2.0 & f2.2 respectively on both lenses.

Internal specifications are consistent with current mid-range devices which includes the latest Mediatek X20 Decacore processor clocked at 2.3 Ghz along with 3 Gigs of RAM, 32 GB storage with microSD card slot, 3000mAh battery which will be charged through a USB type-C connector.

Kodak says that the device has an advanced Manual Mode that allows users to tweak the camera system onboard like a DSLR.

The phone is going on sale later this year which they said would definitely be before the holiday shopping season. The company is currently also negotiating with a range of retailers and a couple of carriers about selling the device.
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