[How Tos] Bypass Jio 4G daily limit now

The main drawback of the Jio “unlimited” 4G data (Preview offer) is it’s daily 4 GB limit after which the speed reduces to 128 Kbps, which really sucks. So we thought to dig a little deeper and found out this trick that could remove this limit set-up by the carrier.

It’s too easy; just follow the steps below and you are good to go :

  1. Go to settings on your smartphone. Select Mobile Networks > Create a new APN.
  2. Set the APN Name : droidhere.com , APN Type : Default , Proxy : , Port : 80 ,  Server : www.google.com
  3. Leave all the other fields blank and then save the settings. Select this APN and restart your phone. That’s it!

Disclaimer : This trick is for educational purposes only. Neither Droidhere.com nor our authors will be held responsible for any illegal use of the information.


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