The Coca-Cola scandal at Euro 2020. The dubious products that Cristiano Ronaldo has promoted in the past

A superstar the size of Cristiano Ronaldo earns a lot of money from the salary he receives from the football club he plays for. To this are added the huge sums obtained from sponsorships and from the promotion of some products or brands.

Recently, the footballer caused the decline of Coca-Cola shares after removing from the field of view of the rooms, at a press conference, two bottles of soft drinks produced by the company. Then, the football player recommended people to drink water instead. It is difficult to overcome the hypocrisy of Cristiano Ronaldo in this case. In the past, he even promoted the Coca-Cola brand, but also the fast food chain KFC. After the recent incident, Twitter users took care to bring back these moments from the Portuguese’s past.


Ronaldo has promoted dozens of brands so far. Some of these are global, such as Samsung, and others regional, such as Altice. The huge interest of companies for CR7 can not surprise anyone. The star of the Juventus team has hundreds of millions of fans on online social networks.

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Among the brands with which the footballer has associated his name, quite a few are from technology or from this sector. These include: Samsung, ZTE / Nubia, Altice / Optimum, TAG Heuer, MEO, Panzer Glass or Konami.

Some of you may be wondering why the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer TAG Heuer has been included in this list. For those who don’t know, the company also produces smart watches, including the $ 197,000 Modular 45 Connected Full Diamonds model. This is the most expensive smartwatch in the world.

Altice is the number two player in the French telecommunications market, and Konami a video game maker in Japan. Panzer Glass offers protections for telephone screens, and MEO is a Portuguese telecommunications conglomerate.


Ronaldo also promoted the Nike Pro Genius and Mobitto applications. Moreover, the footballer has invested in applications such as CR7 Selfie app by Cristiano Ronaldo and Cristiano Ronaldo: Kick’n’Run.

Cristiano Ronaldo has promoted dubious gadgets and electronics in the past

Ronaldo appeared in 2014 in several commercials for Pao, a bizarre Japanese gadget for training facial muscles.


The footballer also promoted SixPad, another dubious “Made in Japan” gadget, which promises to work users’ abdominal muscles and not only without too much effort on their part. Some users have said that this gadget is a “scam” that CR7 should not associate with.

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