Google is opening its first permanent retail store: what it looks like and what you can find there

For starters, only in the US, Google takes the example of other technology giants, opening retail stores where fans can experience the most popular products.

Of course, this is not the latest version of Android, or Google Maps. We’re talking about real hardware, and Google has some gadgets that it can sell.

The first permanent Google retail store opens in the New York metropolis, 6 years after the exclusively online version. Admittedly, Google has also opened pop-up stores in various locations, synchronizing events with various major product launches. But this time we are talking about a dedicated Google store, customized according to the Apple Store model.

Thus, Google describes the new location as a “first” store, without specifying when and if such stores will be opened in the near future.

At least in its current form, the new Google Store appears as a showroom for the company’s technologies, serving rather as an introduction to Google’s service ecosystem, rather than a location intended to market a large volume of physical devices.

Thus, Google created a series of “sandbox” experiences, covering several “experiences” related to the company’s services. In one of the rooms, visitors can learn about the benefits of Nest Hub, covering scenarios involving the use of voice commands. In another room, Pixe series fans can discover the capabilities of the phones for pictures in low light conditions, etc.

Overall, the first dedicated Google Store appears to be a friendlier version of the Apple Store, bathed in lots of light and warm finishes, contrasting with the cool white experience found in Apple stores.

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