Ford has announced the F-150 Lightning, an electric pickup that will compete directly with the Tesla Cybertruck

Ford has officially announced its first electric car in the pick-up range: F-150 Lightning. This will be the car that will compete directly with the Tesla Cybertruck and with models previously proposed by companies such as Rivian. Ford’s F-150 Lightning will be launched only in 2022 and will start at a price below $ 40,000 (39,974, to be exact). However, the version with greater autonomy jumps from 50,000 dollars.

The F-150 Lightning aims for the same price as Tesla’s Cybertruck

It is interesting that Ford chose a price similar to Tesla in the case of the F-150 Lightning. The model proposed by Elon Musk’s company starts at $ 39,900 and offers a range of 250 miles, as well as 0-100 km / h acceleration in just 6.5 seconds. Ford comes with a similar price, but with a slightly lower range declared, at 230 miles for the basic version. Compared to the internal combustion engine version, the price is not much higher, as the F-150 starts at $ 36,650.

The superior model, with increased autonomy, will benefit from 300 miles of autonomy, but the price will be significantly higher. That model could exceed the Cybertruck price of $ 49,900 for the 300+ mile variant. However, the capabilities will be similar in both price categories, as both can tow 3.5 tons in the basic version and 4.5 tons in the higher version. The Ford F-150 Lightning integrates a 426-horsepower engine, while the top model will deliver 563-horsepower. In fact, the top model will provide acceleration of 4.5 seconds for 0-100 km / h.


In terms of charging, Ford will offer in the USA Ford Charging Network, the same one on which the Mustang Mach-E works. It is not as big and well equipped as the Tesla Supercharger Network, but it should provide fast power for these models. 15 to 80% charge in 41 minutes for the top model, which integrates faster charging. The basic version will load between 15 and 80% in 55 minutes. Charging at the home outlet will add 5 km of autonomy per hour at 120 V and 22 km of autonomy per hour at 240 V. Ford will also offer a home charging panel that promises full charging in eight hours.

The car can supply the house with electricity in the event of a breakdown

More interesting, however, is that the car can become an energy supplier for the house, being able to power a house for three days in case of a breakdown. The Ford F-150 Lightning can provide 2.4 kW of power, and the higher equipment variants could provide up to 9.6 kW. There are 11 sockets in the car, 7 in the cab and in the dump truck and another four in the front trunk of 400 liters.

Ford will likely deliver the F-150 Lightning simultaneously with Tesla’s Cybertruck, which is scheduled to go into production at the end of 2021, with deliveries scheduled for the end of 2022.

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