Overwatch is Not Receiving New Updates as a Consequence of Toxic Community

Blizzard has made many games along the years and even though World of Warcraft is the crown jewel, Overwatch is sitting just right beside it. Overwatch features an innovative take on online shooters and it gives players the ability to team up with their friends and fight against foes while using popular champions such as Hanzo, Genji and Solider 47. Sadly, Overwatch is not flawless and it presents its fair share of problems such as toxic players.

Overwatch Toxic Community

Even though Overwatch won the GOTY (game of the year) award, the game is still plagued by a toxic community. The worst thing about this though is the fact that Blizzard doesn’t really have a method of taking care of it. Blizzard acknowledges this as being its Overwatch’s biggest issue and pledges to take care of it in the immediate future.

Blizzard Faced with Overwatch Development Issues

Dealing with toxic players and finding ways of settling them down might not be easy, but the biggest problem is that Blizzard’s developer team is being held by this. Jeff Kaplan, the game director stated that Blizzard’s campaign against trolls and toxic players is taking a toll on the game’s development. Moreover, Jeff Kaplan stated the following: “We want to make new maps, we want to make new heroes, we want to make animated shorts. But we’ve been put in this weird position where we’re spending a tremendous amount of time and resources punishing people and trying to make people behave better”.

Bad Behavior Consequences

The worst thing about this is that regular players who are just looking to have some fun and pass time are not only being affected by toxic players and trolls but they’re also not receiving new updates because of them. With that being said, the Overwatch community needs to stop being toxic or they will never see a new update.

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