You Can Jailbreak Your iPhone Again – Pwn20wnd Public Version

When a situation like this arises, people don’t really talk about it, and brokers sell it for millions of dollars. However, thanks to Apple, the latest version of iOS can be jailbroken right now. There are even codes on the internet. Right now, Apple has done some things, that jailbreaking their devices is kind of rare these days. It’s not as easy as it used to be to unlocking a device to install whatever you want on it.

As it was first reported out there, people discovered recently that in the iOS 12.4 release, Apple had rolled back a patch that came with fixes for bug from iOS 12.3. This led to the vulnerability to jailbreak iOS 12.4. This made it the first current-version iOS jailbreak to be showed to the public in years.

An iOS jailbreaker said that this was quite surprising. He said that it had been a while since a modern operating system could be jailbroken. However, Apple knows about this, so it won’t be long until they come up with a new update to change this situation.

Apple did not comment on this matter.

It puts its users at risk

As you probably know, jailbreaking allows the iOS users to install apps and many other functions that Apple would not usually allow on their devices. iOS comes with rigid limitations that are bound to protect their users from dangerous apps, but this also puts Apple in control over everything. By jailbreaking your device, you give up on some system protections, but you’re also free from Apple.

The hacker Pwn20wnd recently posted a public version of the jailbreak. Many of the iOS users are already using it to change the design of their home screens and to install numerous forbidden apps.

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