What does the Surface Duo look like inside, how did Microsoft manage to put two screens in a thin phone

The new Surface Duo, the Android phone with two screens from Microsoft, is on the border between old and new. First, the concept of a “foldable” two-screen phone brings to the fore a new idea of ​​mobile productivity on a device that can fit in a pocket. On the other hand, its design is rather close to that of phones from three or four years ago, with a thick frame around the screen. But it seems that this is a test device, a kind of prototype, and Microsoft reveals how it managed to integrate all the technology in it in such a thin body.

Surface Duo includes two batteries and two screens

The phone has been on the market since September 10, but the company did not wait for a customer to buy it and sell it to show what is inside. Microsoft has already published photos with the Surface Duo open, which reveals a very interesting detail: half of the phone is basically the battery, while the other side is responsible for the rest of the electronic components.

And even though on the left we can see a battery that occupies almost the entire surface, Microsoft has also integrated a secondary battery, smaller, on the right. The two batteries have a total capacity of 3,577 mAh and power a configuration equipped with two 5.6 ”OLED screens, Snapdragon 855 chipset and a single camera. All these are housed in two halves with a thickness of 4.8 mm, ie almost half compared to an ordinary smartphone. Thus, when the two screens are folded, the phone is not much thicker than an ordinary one.

Microsoft has revealed that the Surface Duo will not be equipped with NFC and will not offer 5G connectivity. Company representatives say this is a productivity device, and their engineers have focused on developing a top user experience. Thus, certain aspects, such as the hardware configuration seem to have remained in the background, and the next generations of Surface Duo will improve the hardware and software based on the feedback received from users.

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