The first images with iPhone 12 cases and models of phones confirm the new design

It can be seen that we are approaching the launch of the iPhone 12 models, as there is more and more evidence that reveals certain design elements of the phone. After many months of speculation, 3D models and plans in CAD format, we finally have the first images with official iPhone 12 cases, made by Apple partners, along with some models of phones that fit perfectly in them. Here’s what the new iPhone 12 might look like.

Several iPhone 12 case models reveal more “square” phones

There seems to be no doubt that Apple is returning to the straight-edged design of the iPhone 4 and 5 models. The new phones will be less rounded than the current models and the last few years (from iPhone 6 to 11 ), but certain design elements will remain. For example, the camera, framed in a square with rounded corners will be similar to the models in the iPhone 11 range. Then, the positioning of the volume and Power buttons will be similar.

It can be seen that Apple has chosen flat lines on the entire surface, so we no longer have to deal with 2.5D glass, curved at the edges. For this reason, the new phones seem to be significantly thinner in profile, which could please some users. The iPhone 11 models were considered large and heavy, which was attributed mainly to large batteries. From this point of view, the iPhone 12 could be a small “downgrade”, as the energy storage capacity will be smaller for each model.

However, the autonomy is also expected at the same level, as the new Apple A14 5nm processor should offer 40-50% more performance, while power consumption should be lower. It remains to be seen in practice whether this will really be the case.

The latest rumors about the iPhone 12 say that the standard models will be launched sometime in October, while the pro models could arrive on the market only in November.

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