The first benchmark with the Surface Duo, how powerful is the two-screen phone from Microsoft

The first benchmark with the new Microsoft Surface Duo suggests that it will be one of the best performing devices on the market, even if it comes equipped with hardware that was more relevant last year. This information comes from the GeekBench database, where a test performed with Microsoft’s dual-screen phone shows that the integrated Snapdragon 855 chipset can keep up even with the new Snapdragon 865 in some respects.

The score in the first benchmark with the Surface Duo is encouraging

However, the discussion around the Surface Duo remains related to the fact that for 1,400 US dollars, you only receive a phone equipped with a top processor from last year, without 5G. This is the same price that Samsung asks for a top Galaxy Note20 Ultra, or a Galaxy Z Flip model, with a foldable screen. Microsoft is likely to push productivity features much more with two screens to justify the price, as performance will be below current flagship models.

However, the difference is not as great as we would have thought. The GeekBench test shows that in terms of processing in Single-Core applications, the phone will be able to keep up with today’s models. In Multi-Core, however, performance will be poorer, but not by much. However, the GeekBench benchmark also suggests that there is a Surface Duo version equipped with only 6 GB of RAM.

Given that multitasking and the use of two tandem screens seems to be the priority of this device, 6 GB of RAM may seem small for the Android platform. This is also because many of the latest devices come with a minimum of 4 or 6 GB, at prices 4-5 times lower. Other phones in this price range have 12 or even 16 GB of RAM. There is a possibility that Microsoft will integrate a proprietary RAM management system into Android, as the interface and many other aspects of the operating system have undergone major changes on the Surface Duo.

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