Samsung Galaxy S30 Ultra, delivered with S Pen accessory, Galaxy Z Fold 3, replacement for Galaxy Note

According to the latest rumors, Note20 Ultra is the latest product in the Galaxy Note series, Samsung will divide its fans between the Galaxy S30 Ultra model delivered with S Pen accessory and the alternative with Galaxy Z Fold 3 folding screen.

Based on mature technologies, the Galaxy Z Fold range of phones will present the modern alternative to the Galaxy Note series. At the same time, Samsung fans with a not very luxurious budget, willing to stay with the format of a traditional smartphone, will have at their disposal the Galaxy S30 Ultra series equipped with a generous screen and all the facilities delivered so far by the Note model.

Galaxy S30 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Note replacements

According to the revelations made in the South Korean publication, the future Galaxy S30 series will include three smartphone models, identified by the code names M1, N2 and O3. Of these, the top version will be equipped with S Pen accessory. The same publication also states that the launch of Galaxy Note 30 is not confirmed for the second half of 2021, adding that in this period Samsung is preparing the launch of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 model with S-Pen accessory.

With sales between launch and the end of the year estimated at 10 million units, Galaxy Note is far ahead of the Galaxy Z Fold series, its withdrawal representing for Samsung a rather risky bet on boosting sales of foldable phones.

The source also states that the production of ultra-thin glass (UTG) for use with folding screens is a possible obstacle for the Galaxy Z Fold, the lack of stocks in stores being in fact the cause for weaker sales.

But even if the issue of production capacity is solved, Samsung still has to solve a problem related to the compatibility of the S Pen accessory with foldable screens. Much more sensitive to mechanical shocks, they could be damaged by too energetic presses with the stylus. Of course, the latest Samsung folding phones use the UTG solution for extra strength, but above the glass layer we also find a plastic foil, prone to scratches and impossible to replace without the help of Samsung.

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