Google Play Store Warning: Hundreds Of Vile Android Apps Downloaded Millions Of Times

We’ve been reporting a lot of info regarding Google Play Store and the malicious apps that keep being discovered here.

Android users are warned that more than 200 malicious apps lurking in the Google Play Store have been downloaded more than 32 million times only in July.

Android is one of the most popular app stores in the world, and it’s reportedly used by over two billion people on a monthly basis.

Android users are no strangers to security alerts and, as we already reported, there have been a lot of threats which have circulated via apps that have been found on the Google Play Store.

According to, “Six Android apps that were downloaded a staggering 90million times from the Google Play Store were found to have been loaded with the PreAMo malware.”

The online magazine also writes that there has been another recent threat which saw 50 malware-filled apps on the Store which infected 30 million Android devices.

Android users are warned about adware, stalkerware and other malware

Now, Android users are warned once again.

The online publication mentioned above writes that ESET malware researcher Lukas Stefanko revealed that only in July alone “205 “harmful” Google Play Store apps were downloaded over 32 million times.”

Stefanko categorized the apps under “subscription scam, ad fraud, stalkerware, fake apps, fake antivirus tools, adware droppers and software with backdoors.”

It’s been reported that the apps had hidden ads which have been installed more than 19 million times.

According to the expert: “All these apps and numbers are based on research, blogs, reports, and tweets published in July, 2019 by the infosec community”.

The latest threat

The latest threat that has been discovered in Google Play Store reportedly involves spyware apps, which at first glance look like popular programs for the Google OS.

These apps are fake, and you can find out more about them on’s original article.

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