Galaxy Z Fold 2: everything about the phone in official photos

All indications are that Samsung will launch a new foldable phone with the Galaxy Note20: the Galaxy Z Fold2. Well-known leaker Evan Blass seems to have already taken possession of official images with the new device, which he posted on his Twitter account. Thus, this model now has no visual secrets. It seems that the phone will be delivered in the new Mystic Bronze shade and in a gray version, with matte glass on the back.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 will bring major changes compared to the original model

The images first reveal that both screens on the Galaxy Z Fold2 are now much improved in terms of design. On the front, the screen now covers the entire exterior surface, with a much smaller frame and a subtle hole for the front camera. Inside, the screen gives up “notch” and also integrates a single front camera, also in a small hole.

The camera on the back is similar to the one I saw in the photos with the Galaxy Note20 models, but it doesn’t seem to integrate a periscopic zoom. It’s probably a camera system “related” to the Samsung Galaxy S20 series, rather than the Note20 generation.

The hinge now has a new, improved design, and the entire device appears to be matte. Galaxy Fold was glossy on all sides, while Galaxy Z Fold2 comes with matte glass and a color metal that does not reflect light on the sides. And this time, Samsung will use a fingerprint sensor in the power button, not one integrated in the screen.

The company no longer avoids the stripe in the middle of the screen

Interestingly, Samsung does not shy away from showing the stripe in the middle of the screen in the folding area. This suggests that the folding screen is still covered with a very fragile plastic surface. However, the screen’s resistance could be improved over the original Galaxy Fold generation, as it could receive a UTG (ultra-thin glass) film, just as it received the Galaxy Z Flip in the spring.

Rumor has it that the Galaxy Z Fold2 could come at a higher price than the 2,000 euro of the original model, as it will integrate an improved processor, a 5G modem and compatible antennas.

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