Borderlands 3 Publisher Caught in a New Controversy

Since Borderlands 3 was officially announced, the internet has been filled with heated discussions about the game. Many gamers were excited by the fact that a new entry in the series will be released, but some controversies started to appear immediately after the announcement.

The fact that 2K Games offered exclusivity to the Epic Games Store caused a wave of anger among many potential customers who hoped to acquire the title on Steam. 2K explained that the game would be available as a timed-exclusive and it will come on Steam at a later date, but the damage was already done.

However, many fans remained interested in the game, and a large number of leaks have surfaced in recent months. A YouTube personality known under the name of SupMatto shared some of the leaks on his channel.  It seems that his actions weren’t appreciated by the 2K Games and its parent company Take-Two Interactive.  In a recent video, SupMatto claims that the two companies took excessive measures against him, sparking a heated debate.

According to a 2K spokesperson, the companies strived to protect the confidentiality and security of their activities. Since most of the leaks offered by the SupMatto were correct, the companies decided to launch a private investigation which targeted the content creator. The spokesperson added that the content creator was guilty of breaching the policy of the companies, leaked confidential data about an upcoming product, and committed several copyright infringements.

In April SupMatto shared a video which mentioned some private information about the account which tested the ECHOcast extension. He was not the first to observe the details but decided to use the data by tracking down the Twitch account in question. During this process he discovered some thumbnails and decided to use them for his videos, prompting 2K to issue several copyright claims.

A pair of private investigators visited the YouTuber at his house, and some think that they were sent by 2K. It remains to be seen how the situation will evolve in the future.

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