Best Tips for Boosting WordPress Speed

WordPress is probably the most popular website builder due to the fact it holds 30 percent of the world’s websites. Everyone can use WordPress to build a site by dragging and dropping but the service is known for being kind os slow. Here are some tips to boost speed on WordPress

Optimize Images

Large images that have lots of pixels are great to look at but they slow down your website a whole lot. And no one wants to wait for an image to load in 2019. To better optimize your images before you upload them to WordPress, use a plugin.

Smush is a user-friendly plugin that is free to use. It helps you optimize your images by compressing them to an appropriate size while maintaining as much of the quality as possible. JPEG is the best format to upload as PNGs are way too large for websites.

The web host

The service that is providing your web hosting may be the cause for your slow website speed. Where your provider is located affects how fast data loads on your website. So, choosing a provider that has good international coverage might be good. Or choosing a provider that is based on your own continent.

Update and remove plugins

WordPress has a great many plugins for users to incorporate into their websites. But the more you use the more time it’s going to take for all those features to load. Be careful with your plugin selection, pick and choose the ones that are essential for your website. Remember to update the plugins you have incorporated so that they run at peak efficiency.

Update WordPress website

Your WordPress website will need frequent updates to ensure smooth functionality. Even core functionality in some cases. Various bug fixes and optimizations are available with each update, so make sure you’re on top of that. The Updates tab in your dashboard will inform you if an update is available.

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