Best Paypal Alternatives With Lower Fees

Payment methods have evolved over the years. The need to exchange checks has disappeared and physical currency is slowly starting to be replaced with physical transactions. This makes sense as money has no real value to it, except that which is assigned to it. Might as well make it digital.

Paypal has further advanced digital transactions by simplifying the procedure of transferring currency and making online payments to various sellers. The service does need the banking system to function as some sort of account needs to be attached to it.

But all you need is to click a button or type in an email to make a transaction afterward. If Paypal does not tickle your fancy you can use any of the alternatives down below.

Google Wallet

Google Wallet is a service that mostly works in the US and it works much in the same way that Paypal does. You need a debit or credit card to link to your Google Wallet. Then you can send money to people by using an email address and make one click purchases from sellers that support the method of payment.

Google is a company that is slowly dominating many sectors of business with its products and services. The Google Wallet service is easy to use and it is getting more and more development as each year goes by.

The service does charge you a 2.9 percent fee when you add money from your account to the virtual wallet. This is something of a ridiculous feature but it involves operational costs and it is most likely based on Google’s agreement with the various national banks.


Very popular with freelancers that are working in various fields, Payoneer is a good Paypal alternative. The service supports international payments which you will receive if you are in the business.

This service comes with a prepaid Mastercard attached to it, so you can use the card wherever it is accepted. Payoneer is generally good but its fee system is not perfect.


This is one for the British resident as it only works in the UK. The service was previously operating under the name Moneybookers. Works the same as Paypal and online payment with Skrill is accepted in over 200 countries. The service has become popular due to the fact it supports more than 40 currencies, something that Paypal does not do.

Amazon Payments

Another giant company, Amazon has shifted its focus from an online retailer to introduce its own payment system. The service limits its functions to US residents, however. It is free to use but transactions that are made from your card with Amazon Payments requires paying a fee.

This requires you to rely on the Virtual Wallet system and basically keep your funds there forever, as this is ultimately the goal of such platforms, to keep the money digital and ditch bank transactions that require fees.

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