Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 Breakdown Reveals New Secrets

E3 brought a very unexpected but welcome piece of news for gamers. A new Zelda game called Breath of the Wild 2 was announced. The trailer was pretty heavy and had a dark vibe to it, with some Dungeons and Dragons elements thrown in there.

The trailer was more in teaser territory due to its length of only 1 minute. Despite this, fans and reviewers are scouring over the footage and analyzing every bit and bob.

Thanks to an eagle-eyed viewer, some incredible details have been uncovered that might hint at the history behind the sequel.

The Zonai Tribe

Some mysterious tracing can be seen around the 20-second mark in the trailer. These tracing depict a figure on horseback that is charging into battle with 4 other warriors supporting him. It is believed that the figure on horseback is Ganondorf.

With the supporting warriors belonging to the Zonai tribe that is mentioned in the description of the Barbarian armor set from the first game. The description is the following:

‘Armour once favoured by an ancient warlike tribe from the Faron region.’

Many ancient ruins can be seen while traversing Faron in the first game. Which are apparently link with the Zonai, a mysterious barbarian tribe that disappeared.

The Zonai might have served under Ganondorf and they may so again by the looks of that hint. Another theory is that the warriors may be raised to serve as undead if they’re no longer around.

The Distressed Voice

The music for the trailer is quite spooky and cool, but it’s very cool. Whispers have been identified within the music and the track has been dissected as a result. A distressed voice has been found and its sais “help us”.

This is so vague that 100 theories can spring from the voice and its cry for help. The only helpful information we have is the presence of the specific action, the message to the protagonists, and what looks like imprisonment in death for Ganondorf.

This is possibly evidenced by the white hand that is holding his corpse in place. Making the cry for help originate from some sort of spirits or beings that are guarding the place and are under strain.

Ganondorf’s Corpse

The trailer shows a wounded corpse with Malice surrounding the chest cavity where a major wound is. The location of the wound is an exact match with the stabbing the Princess Ganondorf suffered previously.

The presence of the white hand seems a little out of place when compared to everything else in the tomb. So it is believed that it’s a safeguard meant to hold the body from resurrecting. The hand is also focused around the wound so that seems to also indicate conflict, not worship or assistance in any way.

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