Spotify Lite App For Android Launches In 36 Countries

Spotify Lite app is finally official. The application has been in beta since back in 2018, and now Spotify has finally released it in 36 countries, according to the latest reports coming from Tech Crunch.

Spotify Lite for Android devices 

This app has been designed to work on patchy or weak Internet connections. It is also small enough for lower-end devices that only have limited storage and also for lower-end phones.

Spotify Lite will only work on Android devices that are running version 4.3 or newer, and it is open to both paying and non-paying users as well.

It’s also worth noting that the app comes with an optional limit that can tell you when you’re close to hitting a certain buffer.

The online publication mentioned above notes that Spotify claimed that 90% of the main app’s features are also available ion this Lite version as well, “in particular areas around multiple — including video and cover artist — are omitted as they are not critical to the core experience.”

A Spotify rep reportedly told Tech Crunch that there are no plans until now to bring the app to iOS.

India looks like the main focus 

India seems to be the key focus of the firm as Spotify has introduced the Lite version of the app there in June which is months after the full service went live there back in February.

The main goal is to expand Spotify’s reach beyond the user base that they currently boast, and they seem to become more and more focused on emerging markets or older users.

The online publication also notes that data coming from the Google Play Store claims that Spotify Lite has been downloaded more than one million times.

These numbers are expected to rocket. It’s also worth noting that Lite apps have been made extremely popular by services such as Facebook, Messenger, and YouTube.

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