Google Chrome Gets Security Improvements

Google Chrome is the most popular browser out there and it’s pretty obvious that its performance is great if it holds this title.

It’s important to mention that one specific thing that sets Chrome apart from other browsers out there is the fact that Google puts high importance on user privacy and security as well.

The Android parent has been searching for new ways to increase the security of the browser and the team of developers is doing this via a regular stream of updates.

Google has recently revealed that Chrome will be receiving a new update that’s going to introduce a major change to user privacy. The browser is no longer going to allow websites to exploit a “loophole” that makes it possible for them to find out if the user is currently in Incognito Mode.

Enhanced Security

Chrome’s Incognito Mode is based on the principle that you should have the choice to browse the web privately. At the end of July, Chrome will remedy a loophole that has allowed sites to detect people who are browsing in Incognito Mode. This will affect some publishers who have used the loophole to deter metered paywall circumvention, so we’d like to explain the background and context of the change,” said Google.

The tech giant continued and said “Today, some sites use an unintended loophole to detect when people are browsing in Incognito Mode. Chrome’s FileSystem API is disabled in Incognito Mode to avoid leaving traces of activity on someone’s device. Sites can check for the availability of the FileSystem API and, if they receive an error message, determine that a private session is occurring and give the user a different experience.”

Such a major change is welcome and appreciated by Chrome users as more people understand the importance of privacy and security online these days.

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