Best Google Maps Tricks to Optimize your Experience

Google maps is easily a game-changer in regards to how we perceive urban landscapes and navigate through them. The service has built upon the simple GPS function. Instead, it gave a variety of useful addons like Street View, footpaths, as well as public transportation routes and schedules.

Be sure to see more innovation from Google relating to their Maps services. With new projects being announced this year that want to tackle augmented reality features.

Use these tricks to better navigate with Google Maps

Plot multiple location course. Sometimes you only have one destination when you get into your car. But other times you need to stop in 6 places. So, plot a multiple location course by going in settings and tapping Add stop. Do this multiple times to add all your stops and edit your list.

Google Maps Offline. This is a lifesaver if you’re in a car or on foot because the internet doesn’t grow on trees. Not yet, anyway. While at home, find your desired area and click download on the bottom of the screen. You can access the whole area in offline mode and also gain GPS instructions within it.

Drag your direction. If you have set Los Angeles as your destination but you want to stop in New Orleans first, then drag your highlighted route to your stop and it will recalculate everything.

Right-click. On the web version of Google Maps, you do not need to do anything fancy to interact with a location. If you see a spot on the map, just right click it. You can find a description of the place, search nearby or get directions.

Get a ride. It is very convenient to plan your trip on Google Maps. So you can do just that and hit the taxi icon to be picked up by Uber or Lyft. The driver will automatically receive your planned route and you will get all the ETAs from their respective apps directly on Google Maps.

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