Toy Store ​4 Minecraft Mash-Up DLC is Available to Download with Highest Improvements

Mojang has incorporated an all-new Toy Story 4 themed mash-up accessible in Minecraft. Disney Pixar’s most recent sequels to the series have been highly welcomed and performed wonderfully at the box office ever since its launch on June the 21st, earning $155 million in the first days all over the United States alone, and collecting a 97 percent approval on Rotten Tomatoes.

Now, a sequel of different revolutionary architecture from the field of Toy Story and amazing exclusive skins have been made available in the sandbox game for fans to experiment, all of which can be seen in a new teaser.

Minecraft’s development team has revealed the news of forking on June the 25th on their official Twitter account, which noted that players can explore the world of Disney’s Toy Story by playing one of the toys.

A multitude of outfits is accessible in the ​mash-up​, including ones based on Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Bo Peep, and even Keanu Reeves’ Duke Caboom character from the most recent movie.

Mojang’s Kelsey Howard​ said while talking about the new DLC, that there is a much easier method to jump into the Toy Store world and all from the view of the toys themselves. Howard also mentioned that among the classic characters of the Disney’s Toy Store, other brand new characters such as Duke Caboom and Ducky & Bunny are also being added to the gameplay.

Also, the downloadable contents also come with one of the series most legendary locations, with Pizza Planet, Big  Al’s Toy Barn, and others​ depicted in the released trailer.

If you want to play the new Toy Story game, the mash-up​ is accessible in the Minecraft Marketplace on both PC and Xbox, for $8.

To get it, head over to the online store, which can be found in the game, and select the ‘get this item’ button to make your acquirement.

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