iPadOS Available with a Brand New Layout and Fresh Widgets

Apple just announced a new variant of iOS, named ‘iPadOS’ that the tech giant created especially for bigger screens on the iPad lineup. The company stated that it dubbed the OS to observe the unique experience of the iPad.

The new iPadOS’ home screen has been revamped with a brand new layout that allows more applications on each page. The Today View, which is based on a widget, can be added to the home screen now, offering rapid access to news titles, the weather, events, and so on.

To further upgrade the iPadOS, Apple updated Slit Video to enable owners to operate more than one file and document from the same application simultaneously. For instance, users can now open two emails next to each other in Mail, or two notes in Notes. Slide Over enables users to view and shift among various apps rapidly, and App Exposé ​offers a rapid view of each open window.

The new OS also restored Apple Pencil merging with the capacity to mark up and send webpages, documents, or emails on the iPad. Owners can swipe the Apple Pencil from the corner of the screen to open mark up mode, edit the document, and save it. In addition, iPadOS has lowered Apple Pencil’s latency down to 9 milliseconds.

A new optimization focuses on the Files app, which has iCloud Drive support now for the folder sharing. Because iPadOS allows external drivers, owners can use a USB drive and transfer the data within the Files app. The OS also comes with a new Column View for more straightforward navigation, Quick Actions for design PDFs, and so on.

Apple is also incorporating new finger-based gestures for cut, copy, paste, and undo to make sure that all the new components of iPadOS could be managed with ease. Other optimizations are the Dark Mode, custom fonts, an all-new floating keyboard, performance enhancements, and updates to Maps app, and Photos app.

iPadOS is accessible for Apple Developer Program affiliate starting with June the 3rd, and the public beta will be released probably at the end of the month. The OS will launch as a free software for the iPad Air 2 in the fall, and for all iPad Pro devices, the fifth-generation iPad, and iPad mini four later.

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