Pokemon Sun and Moon Global Mission Fifth Beggins

The developers behind Pokemon Sun and Moon are making sure that players always have something to do by introducing global missions and updates. With that being said, Pokemon Sun and Moon players should be happy to know that a brand new global mission has recently started.

The mission is called “Hatch a Lot of Eggs” and it’s being hosted at the PGL. The mission’s goal is pretty simple, hatch 200,000 eggs. Players who will contribute to this mission will be awarded Festival Coins. Even better, Global Link members will be able to earn even bigger rewards.

Discover Eggs

Eggs can be discovered whenever players leave Pokemon at the Nursery at Paniola Ranch which can be found in Akala Island. There is a special Pokemon breeder who will discover new Eggs if players leave a female and male Pokemon that fit into the same Egg Group. If players don’t have both female and male Pokemon that fit into the same category, they should know that there is a way around this. Just pair the designated Pokemon with a Ditto.

Once players get in possession of the new Egg, all that they have to do is to walk around and hatch the egg. Anxious players that don’t want to wait until the new Egg hatches can always make use of the Magma Armor Ability or Flame Body and double the egg’s hatching speed.

Global Mission

Players can register in the global mission by going to the Festival Plaza in Pokemon Sun or Moon. Once players reach the Festival Plaza they will be required to go into the castle and talk to the receptionist that sits on the right side of the room. The receptionist will confirm that all the Eggs that players hatch from now on will be contributed to the global mission.

Bonus Goal

The global mission became so popular that players have already reached the 200,000 Egg hatch milestone. Now the goal has been raised to 400,000 Eggs and the rewards will be doubled as well. In fact, players will receive 4,000 FC points and a Love Ball for the players with Global Link accounts.

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