Top 10 Best Multiplayer Word Games in 2021

Playing word games is a great way to maintain yourself an active and healthy mind, according to scientists. Furthermore, the method also gives you the chance to compete with your friends, family, or co-workers. We know ten great mind games that have the potential of giving you tough challenges.

Children can always start with simple word games to naturally develop important skills such as spelling. While word games are clearly available to people of all ages and many of the times for free of charge, don’t hesitate to take our list into account:


Ruzzle is known as the world’s fastest word game, and the goal is simple: the player must find as many words as possible in just two minutes. The method is by swiping across the scrambled letters.


If you’re already up for word games that don’t waste too much time, you should also give BattleText a try. This game gives you the chance to come up with longer words and type them faster than your opponent does.


Jumble Solver is a fun word puzzle that’s best played on portrait mode, meaning that your smartphone is the ideal platform. In this game, you have a clue, a drawing that illustrates the clue, and some words that are ‘jumbled’. The solver will have to reconstruct the words and arrange the letters in the right way.


Fundox is a creative word game that combines elements from both Scrabble and Othello. Playing Fundox is also a great way to stimulate your mind in general and your intuition in particular.


With approximately 4,000 dedicated clubs around the world, you can easily guess how popular Scrabble is. This game allows two to four players simultaneously, and each of them has to place tiles on the board that’s divided into a 15×15 grid. The goal is to form words that are included in a standard dictionary or lexicon.

Boggle With Friends

If you already know how the usual Boggle game works, there’s no use for too many explanations when it comes to the Boggle With Friends game. The player gets a 4 x 4 grid of randomized letters, and he must connect adjacent letters to form as many words as he can.


Hangman is a fun game for those good at guessing letters. The more letters you guess, the more the hidden phrase will reveal itself and save the poor imaginary man from the gallow.


By 2011 Wordfeud had about 8 million users worldwide, and there’s no wonder why. This game allows the player to create and place words on the tile board. Points are given for creativity and for placing the correct letters on the Double Word, Double Letter, Triple Letter, and Triple Word tiles.


WordHub also uses a recipe that you may have already heard about: it asks the player to try to form as many words as he can by using certain letters. The beauty of the game is that the letters can be added in any order, while longer resulted words will score more points.

Crosswords Arena

Most of us know the concept of crosswords: guessing words and putting them next to each other to form another word while you look at the full picture differently. Crosswords Arena isn’t much of an exception, only that you get to compete with players from many countries.

Just search for each of these word games online, and you’ll immediately find different variations of them. We recommend searching via Facebook, Google Play Store, App Store, and the good ol’ Google.

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