Netflix could block access by those who use other people’s accounts

It has long been rumored that Netflix could impose more aggressive restrictions to limit the use of the service on other people’s accounts, but only now are we seeing the first steps in this direction. At the moment it seems to be just a test, but Netflix requires certain accounts on which it observes unusual activity to verify its account using a contact method. Of course, this is not a problem unless the account is made in your name.

For now, Netflix only seems to be testing whether users want to sign up for personal accounts
The message in the photo was posted on social media by users trying to watch Netflix on the accounts of other family members or friends and suggests they sign up for their own account on the streaming service. In fact, users also receive a free 30-day trial period to be encouraged to try.

This trial period is not exactly new, being one of the methods by which Netflix quickly gathered a huge number of users, but the function was eliminated a few years ago because there were abusive methods to benefit from free services indefinitely.

For now, being a simple test, those who use other people’s accounts will be able to continue using them. Verification seems to be optional at the moment and you can click on the “Check later” button to continue using the services. Alternatively, you can verify the account by talking to the owner, who will receive a code via SMS or email, as in the case of a two-step authentication method.

Previously, Netflix representatives did not directly condemn the lending of accounts, saying that there is a legitimate use between members of the same family. Therefore, the most expensive subscription offers playback on a maximum of four screens simultaneously from the same account. However, it seems that Netflix would prefer if those who do not live in the same house had their own individual accounts, and this seems to be just the beginning of trying to push users to pay a full subscription, rather than paying a shared subscription.

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