Lua now allows you to convert unlimited PDF documents

Converting a PDF document can become a real pain if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. But with the Lua online converter, it will be like a walk in the park to play with PDF documents as you wish.

You can start by heading over to and choose your preferred option. You’ll find a free online converter, and there’s no download required, either. Lua allows you to convert specific file types to PDF or convert from PDF files to other types.

From PDF to other file types:

Extracting PDF pages and saving them separately as PNG or JPG, as well as converting PDF to PNG and PDF to JPG online, are operations that the Lua service is able to do easily. The lossy compression of JPEG files removes data from the original files so the lines can show up poorly (logos and other graphics), which means that it’s a better idea to use JPEG files for files that don’t have those attributes.

From other file types to PDF:

Let’s suppose you need to convert JPG and JPEG images, but also DOC, DOCX, Excel, or PPT files to PDF. There are many situations when you see a long text as an image, and you need it properly written in a document. The online converter Lua can perform all those tasks for you, and it’s amazing that there’s no charge involved.

Merge and compress PDF files

Last but not least, the Lua software can also merge multiple PDF files into a single and larger one. This way, you can put your documents together and build an entire e-book, for example. The option to compress a PDF file is also useful because you can shrink its size if needed.

The online tool from stands at our disposal permanently, and we should consider ourselves very lucky for it!

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