Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild How to Max Out Inventory Space

The entire world went crazy over the newly released Nintendo Switch hybrid console. In fact, retailers are having a hard time supplying the demand for Nintendo Switch. The reason why Nintendo is having so much success with its gaming platform is because it has bundled it with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Even though the game is very fun, the best thing about it is that it appeals to different age demographics. There have been many Legend of Zelda games over the years, and we can be sure that everyone has played or at least heard of them. The new game though is also as fun and entertaining like all of the previous installments. Reviews are only saying good things about it, although there is one annoying feature. The inventory is quite small, but fortunately this can be fixed.

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild: How to Enlarge Inventory Space

The world of Hyrule is filled with many treasures and items. Because the inventory space is small, players often are required to sell their items in order to make room for new loot. Well, there’s a way around it and we’re going to present it right now.

Players will be required to travel to Kakariko Bridge. That’s where they will be able to find Hetsu who is a tree-shaped NPC. Hetsu will ask players to track down some thieves that have stolen some Maracas from him. Once the thieves have been defeated, players will find the Maracas in a chest that’s placed in their camp.

Now that the quest has been completed, players will need to gather Korok Seeds. Hetsu will take these seeds in exchange for extra item slots. Hetsu will offer one item slot for one seed at first. Once players acquire a couple of inventory slots, Hetsu will disappear.

Hetsu will now be placed in the Korok Forest and he will offer inventory slots for Korok Seeds once again. We should mention that inventory slots price will increase with each purchase. Therefore, players should know that they need to gather quite a large amount of Korok Seeds in order to max out their inventory space.

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