Tesla Accident Prediction Might Not Be True

We can be sure that everyone has seen the Tesla auto breaking video which went viral over night. In case you didn’t, you can check it out below. Back to the matter at hand, the trending video has been recorded with a dash cam installed on a Tesla and it all takes place on a highway in the Netherlands. The reason why the short video went viral so quick is because it shows a Tesla car predicting a car accident and hitting the brakes 1.4 seconds before two cars collide with each other. This is all that the media has been talking about lately and even Elon Musk which is Tesla’s CEO re-tweeted this video.

While it looks like the Tesla car predicted the accident, this actually isn’t the case. We are going to go over the way Tesla’s autopilot feature works and explain what it actually avoided. The autopilot uses radar as a sensor which sends out radar beams to check out the speed and distance of surrounding cars. What’s great about radar beams is that they are able to bounce off everything including road and using this method, the Tesla car was able to see that the black SUV was braking and that’s why it also braked at the same time.

The black SUV possibly hit the brakes because there was a dirt patch on the road, or some other obstacle and the car that was behind it didn’t have enough time to react and it crashed into it. While the Tesla car was able to help avoid an accident, it didn’t actually predict an accident, it just adjusted its speed according to the traffic. Nonetheless, this is really impressive and we can expect that Tesla cars will become even more advanced in the future. In fact, Tesla officials announced that their working on enhancing the radar system even more.

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