Netflix develops algorithm to detect and eliminate account sharing

            <strong>Sharing passwords that allow multiple people to use the same account of a paid content platform like Netflix or Hulu is a well-known practice. However, industry giants will soon have a powerful tool to stop you. </strong>

At this years Consumer Electronics show (CES)Synamedia has unveiled an algorithm that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify faulty accounts and notify companies.

When a company buys Synamedia services, Synamedia uses its algorithm to analyze a lot of user information to determine the listening location, the time of viewing, the type of content consumed and by what type of apparatus, to name only those.

“A typical example would be to see a subscriber watching content simultaneously on the East Coast and the West Coast,” said one of the directors of the company Jean-Marc Racine at the site The Verge .

The company, however, is the last word. If an account is abusively shared and used by thousands of users – if it has been sold online, for example – the company may decide to shut it down altogether. If the fault is more harmless, such as a password sharing between members of the same family, you could simply receive an email encouraging you to subscribe to a higher rate.

“The usual approach tends not to be too punitive,” says Racine. We prefer to sell on the rise. ”

The system is currently in trial mode at several companies, but Synamedia has refused to reveal which ones. Mr. Racine mentions that the popularity of the product reveals the maturation of the video streaming market. At first, he notes, companies tend to be more flexible about password sharing because it introduces new people to the product, but as the market grows, companies become more concerned about password sharing. the issues of piracy and maximization of income.

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