Mass Effect: Andromeda Second Trailer with Latest Improvements

A few months ago BioWare started making waves in the gaming community when it finally confirmed that Mass Effect: Andromeda is coming. The game producer even announced the official launch date which is March 21st. Now that March is getting closer, BioWare decided to launch a second trailer to the game. In case you didn’t see it yet, you can check it out below. Back to the important matter, the trailer showcases some key details of the game such as villains, crew and main story plot.

The reason why everyone is so riled up about this game is because it will give players the chance to step into the feet of either Scott or Sarah Ryder and travel through space. The Ryder twins are the children of a N7 commander. The same order where Commander Sheppard came from. Worth mentioning is that even though players might chose to play as Scott, Sarah won’t disappear and will continue to appear throughout the story.

As previously mentioned, players will get a chance to travel through space. What’s even cooler is that the game takes players into a brand new galaxy known as “Andromeda”. Players will take on the role as a “Pathfinder” which is a trainer military and seasoned explored. The Pathfinder has been assigned to lead humanity and help it survive in this new galaxy. This is where player’s choices will matter the most because they will be faced with life or death decisions all throughout the game.

The most exciting thing about this trailer is that it showcases the game’s crew. We can already get a feel of what everyone’s personality will be like. Something which BioWare is known for is creating awesome characters that feel almost real. Additionally, the new alien life which threatens the crew is really interesting. We can’t wait to see how the Ryder twins manage get out of that sticky situation.

This new chapter of Mass Effect is the fourth installment in the franchise. Because it’s such a long running franchise it has managed to gather quite a massive fan base. With that being said we can be sure that BioWare is going to generate huge amounts of profits during the upcoming months. Especially since the game is already available for pre-order.

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