iPhone 7 Plus 32 GB is freaking slow

iphone-32gbWith the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple has gotten rid of the 16 GB base model. The minimum internal storage of the new iPhones is now upgraded to 32 GB. However, this improvement comes with a toll.

The Basemark OS II benchmark proves that the iPhone 7 Plus 32 GB is very much slower than the iPhone 7 128 GB and iPhone 6S 64 GB. iPhone 7 Plus (32 GB) managed to score only 800 points against the 1300-1800 points scored by the other iPhones.


iPhone 7 Plus base model has a very slow write speed, 39.6 Mbyte/s (approx.) as compared to the 308 MByte/s scored by the iPhone 7 (128GB) and 200.6 Mbyte/s scored by the iPhone 6S (64GB). It is a shame that the older iPhone could beat the new one with such a huge difference. The benchmark results are as follows :


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