AirBag – The biggest thing to happen to bags since bags ?

apple-airbagLast week on TBS, Conan showcased a fake ad for Apple’s new ‘legendary’ Airpods, joking about how easy it is to lose those tiny ‘jewels’. This week, he ran yet another parody ad mocking one of the recent patent applications filed by the Cupertino company for a paper bag. He calls it the ‘AirBag‘. We found it really funny and brilliant at the same time, and thought to share the fun with you. Here’s the video :

Wow, right? As in the video, the ‘AirBag’ is said to feature IR motion sensors, which automatically detects “moisture, weight, and fullness” and can transmit the status to your iPhone. It is also said to be powered by a battery that offers up to 3 hours of “carrying” power, mocking the 5 hours battery life of Airpods.


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