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TVSA3: Voice Stress Analysis Freeware

TVSA3 is a simple software which takes digital audio files as input, and then it outputs new ones with a changing tone in the background that indicates the growing stress levels. Higher tones translate in higher stress. The tool has one control which is a threshold setting that will determine how high the voice stress frequency must be to trigger the background tone. The threshold setting is treated as a percentage of the stress range that is found in a certain recording. If for instance it is set to 90%, the device will only make sounds when the stress level is in the top ten percent of the recording overall. All this will automatically calibrate the device to an individual’s present stress range.

The program is able to treat all individuals and recordings as equal, and this happens thank to its auto-calibration feature. On the other hand, this could create problems when two people are taking together because the individual who has the highest average stress level might appear to be making lots of lies and the low-stress person will be issued as the one who is telling the truth. This is the reason for which such type of recordings will have to be edited into separate recordings for each person and only after that they should be recombined.

Programmers interested in developing more complex VSA applications will find complete source code included in the zip file of the tool’s website.

TVSA3 is based on the VSA device published in the April 1980 issue of Popular Electronics; it is a simple DOS program that can be improved by software developers.

 TVSA3 can be run from the DOS command line, from a batch file, or from a windows icon. It takes 3 command lines parameters: input files, output path, and a stress threshold value. It doesn’t take any runtime input. It’s like pkzip: you load it and wait till it’s done. Later you have to load the output sound file into a sound player to “judge” the new recording.

KishKish Lie Detector

This tool is a lie detector that will allow you to detect the stress levels of the person who you are communicating with over Skype. Using the software, you will be able to monitor in real-time the stress levels of the person that are talking to. You can also use the KishKish VSA which will allow you to record the call and then analyze the stress level while you are offline.

The program’s developers are the makers of Simple Answering Machine, and they created the program to alert you to any bending of the truth.

If you think that someone is dishonest with you, you can use the tool to detect the problem and tackle the problem quickly. During the first 10 seconds, the lie detector will calibrate the system to test the speaker’s stress levels and later it will show four indicators with data and information about the caller’s stress levels. The tool will provide information that will show you if the caller’s stress levels rise above normal which will mean that they are lying to you.




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