The Most Powerful Tool Of 2017 Is Your Phone, Protect It

Back in the old days, a cell phone was simply a portable way to make calls to someone. Instead of being tied to a landline, now you could call anyone from anywhere (relatively speaking). Fast forward a few decades, and now our phones are portable computers that can do practically anything we want.

In fact, the phrase “there’s an app for that” is almost becoming true for every facet of modern day life. As such, your mobile device is one of the most useful and practical things you own. But what happens if it’s hacked or stolen? AVG Droid antivirus is free and powerful, and it can keep your smartphone protected. Here is what it can do for you:

Track Online Activity

These days, we can’t be too careful on the web. One wrong click and we could wind up with a virus or malicious program on our device. However, you don’t want to deal with it after the fact as it could swipe sensitive data before you remove it. Thus, to keep yourself protected beforehand, you want to download the best Google Play antivirus: AVG. This app will prevent you from getting onto a suspicious site and will monitor all of your downloads for anything dangerous.

Theft Protection

We have all had that experience where we thought we lost our phone, only to find it in our bag or our pocket after all. However, if the real thing happens, then it can be devastating. Since we rely on our devices for so many things, if it’s stolen, it can be a huge hit to our lives. Fortunately, with AVG you can track your device remotely and see where it is and who has it. Best of all, if it is stolen, then you can shut it down so that they can’t access your data.

Password Protection

While this feature is not exclusive to AVG, it is something that you should have on your phone at all times, especially when in public. Newer devices are using biometrics to add an extra layer of security, so use that as your first line of defense.

As smartphones become even more valuable as mobile payment options, it will only become more imperative for you to download AVG to keep yourself safe out there. Best of all, it’s free to download

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